Thursday, June 24, 2010


We made it to the Midwest. Many lovely things about the Midwest: first among them, Steve staring into (and tearing up at) the endless straight road of I-80 in Nebraska looking at farm fields and corn stalks as far as the horizon past the one you can actually see -- al fondo fondo fondo -- and admitting, "I love the Midwest." Second: fireflies. Third: water parks. Being a coastal elite, I'd never heard of water parks before I learned that Iowa was below Minnesota. But, I like water parks and I LOVE the city pools of Ames and I ADORE the newest addition, the Don and Ruth Furman Aquatic Center. It is not a city pool, but an aquatic center. And, its so cool that I don't even mind not being able to call it a pool.

We actually swam a few times in motels en route to Ames. The Lamplighter in Vernon, Utah, near Dinosaur National Monument -- got to touch a dinosaur fossil! and the something-er-other in North Platte, Nebraska. Alas, Teo threw up at 4am in the latter (in the bed, not the pool). Being ill or having an ill child in a hotel room is one of my least favorite activities. But, at least I'm not the room cleaner!

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